Oakland, California rapper V-Nasty surprised her Twitter followers today (November 26), when the Kreayshawn/White Girl Mob affiliate took aim at Soulja Boy and his SODMG artist M2thaK today.

V-Nasty, who released a collaborative project with Gucci Mane last year on Warner Bros. Records, appeared to be reacting to a perceived diss from Las Vegas, Nevada rapper M2thaK (a/k/a Mourad Kadmiri). She announced “Fuck SODMG,” M2’s label, which is the Stacks On Deck imprint led by Soulja Boy.

Moments later, V took aim at the SODMG founder. She also jabbed that Soulja Boy’s girlfriend, Diamond, was a “harder” artist.

Diamond, formerly of group Crime Mob, was also a Warner artist. V-Nasty continued a rank on her Twitter account into the afternoon, claiming, “I got real street niggas behind me why would I need a fake ass rapper.” She also offered to wager $500,000 on a Soulja Boy versus Chris Brown fight.

Soulja Boy has yet to respond.

Last year, V-Nasty was introduced to mainstream audiences when she was filmed alongside former SODMG artist Riff Raff, using the n-word in a controversial video interview.

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