Amid recent news that 40 Glocc will be suing fellow rapper Game for allegedly assaulting him in July, Game admitted to the fight and explained his motivation during an interview on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show. During the radio interview , Game insinuated that 40 Glocc has been involved in similar tactics.

“He’s suing me now,” Game confirmed. “This dude ran up on Jamie Foxx and Plies with like 40 dudes. He supposedly had Plies stuck in a bathroom. Then he ran up on Lil Wayne in LA with like 20-30 dudes. Then I ran up on him, and he just wasn’t the same guy. He’s notorious for putting people on World Star [Hip Hop].”

According to Game, the fight lasted long enough that he was able to unlock his phone, open the camera app and switch to video recording mode with one hand all while continuing to swing away with his free hand.

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The topic of Game’s upcoming fifth album, Jesus Piece, was also brought up. While the stained glass inspired artwork for the album has drawn both positive and negative reviews, Game gave his rationale for what he deemed as a cover that is a mix of religious and ratchet.

“People have been going crazy about it—saying it’s blasphemous and this and that. But I ain’t met nobody here on Earth yet that really knows what Jesus looks like. So that’s my depiction of what Jesus looks like. Wrapped around that are things that resemble me and how I came up. So the red rag is there, the Corvette symbol is down below, and the Louis Vuitton glass…it’s kind of ratchet.”

Jesus Piece is currently scheduled for a December 11 release. This upcoming album marks Game’s final obligation under the Aftermath/Geffen/Interscope umbrella, and he has previously stated his intention to explore other options. In the meantime Game and his fiancée, Tiffany Cambridge, will join the list of Rap-related reality programming as their “Marrying Game” show debuts November 19 on VH1.

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