To prep for the upcoming holiday, Lil B has released a new mixtape titled Halloween H2O. The project features 15 new tracks as well as five “Based Freestyle” cuts. 

So far this year, the Based God has released a number of mixtapes including Obama BasedGod, Based Jam, #TheBasedprint 2 and White Flame. He is currently working on an upcoming rock album and his debut album.

“My debut album, my first album that I’ve been working on for years, that’s not going to come out right now,” he recently told Montreality. “But I am working on my Rock album right now. Everything that I’ve dropped has been a mixtape, so I’ve never dropped an album personally as Lil B.”

Stream the mixtape below, and head over to to download the project.

1. Problems In The Streets
2. Halloween H20
3. Low
4. So Based
5. Rep The West
6. Merry Xmas
7. Pay 4 Pussy Remix
8. Rules Of The Game
9. Just Trust Us
10. Captin Savea
11. Young Bull
12. Layday
13. Pay Attention
14. Why
15. Money Over Suckas
18. I Flex Bitches BASED FREESTYLE
19. Halloween Bitches BASED FREESTYLE
20. Bad Bitch Hunna BASED FREESTYLE 

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