Last week, reports surfaced that indicated Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti charity had been using vast sums of funds for personal expenses and travel. Now, in an interview with MTV, the former Fugee responds to the claims.

Clef denied that such gross personal expenditures happened on his watch, citing Yéle’s seven-year legacy is proof of his company’s trustworthiness. He added that the public only knows a portion of the truth about Yéle, and trusts that history will be on his side.

“When you start an organization, there are gonna be mistakes, but the mistakes were never us banking money in our pockets to get rich on behalf of our people,” he said. “When those kind of mistakes are made within governance, you bring in new accountants, new governance, and that’s what we did. The legacy of Yéle Haiti and why people trust in Yéle Haiti is because it’s not something I created when the earthquake came. This is something I created in 2005. Always remember this: if you decide that you’re not just gonna be musician, you’re not gonna just be a rapper, you’re gonna stand up for something and be in the forefront of it, you’re gonna get challenged constantly.”

He added, “As history goes it will protect me. So there’s one thing that you might feel now, but 70 years from now, a hundred years from now, when you’re not around, facts come out. So history will always be on my side because the truth eventually ends up coming out.”

Check out the full interview below.

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