50 Cent recently said that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo need to “get themselves together,” stating that he hasn’t spoken with his G-Unit crew in months. During an interview with XXLMag.com, Fif faults himself for closing the lines of communication, but states that he did so much for their careers that they lost the will to promote themselves.

“I actually haven’t spoke to ‘em very much. I’m to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them,” he said. “I did so much for them that they don’t have a continuous work ethic. They got both of those tapes out there, but did you see any visuals? Anything? There’s certain things that the new guy is doing to create momentum or energy. They just sit there and wait. When someone works for you, you have the habit of dealing with things by not dealing with them. You may get in the regimen of coming over and doing it for them.”

He also talked about “New Day” featuring Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre, the lead single from his upcoming album Street King Immortal. He revealed that the record was originally intended for Detox, but that it had a better home on his own project.

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“The actual track was produced originally for [Dr. Dre’s album] Detox. I was actually recording with Dre for his record and when he played it, it had a chorus that was a little darker. When he sent it to her, Alicia sent it back with ‘New Day’ and it had additional strings on it. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to use it because of creatively where he was at on his project. I was like, ‘I can use that’ because it would be the bright side of what I’m offering in my body of work. He was like, ‘Okay, take it then.’ Obviously, it was a hit. They’re sitting on it and after a while, she recorded additional verses and leaked the record.”

Read the full interview at XXLMag.com.

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