During an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106 (which was posted on HipHop-n-More via DiverseHipHop), Queens rapper 50 Cent spoke on his numerous endeavors which include everything from his recently released, Dr. Dre-produced record “New Day” to a new film that features both Fifty and famed actor Robert De Niro.

The rapper tapped into his sarcastic side as he spoke on “New Day” collaborator Dr. Dre after the Power 106 deejays jokingly referred to the producer and Alicia Keys as “up and comers.”

“You know I only work with new artists,” said 50 Cent. “I wanna make sure everybody get they start out the gate. So this new guy comes to the studio, Dr. Dre, tells me he’s got a couple of beats. I said, ‘Let me check you out kid.’”

When asked about the artists he’s currently looking out for 50 Cent named both Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa and Atlanta wordsmith Young Jeezy. Fifty also revealed that he plans on working with Jeezy in the near future.

“I like Wiz, you know I worked with him on that ‘Telescope’ joint. I been listening to some of the stuff Jeezy been putting out. I’mma work with him soon. We gonna get together and do something. I like a lot of the music. It’s fun when you take a chance to step back and appreciate it from an actual fans perspective. It’s cool,” the rapper explained.

While the rapper seems quite focused on his music career and his upcoming album Street King Immortal, he’s still very much intent on maintaining his acting career as well. 50 Cent’s most recent flick, Freelancers, stars Robert De Niro and will be released in theaters this Friday (August 10).

“It’s cool. I had an opportunity to meet him on a project that we never actually did together called Streets Of Blood,” said 50 Cent when asked about meeting Robert De Niro. “We didn’t end up doing that project. He passed on it cause he had some other things come up, more exciting for him at the time. And I ended up doing that project with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. And then it came full circle and we actually worked on Righteous Kill. You see during that project I got him to do the cover of Vibe. He don’t have to do press, he’ don’t have to do none of that. And he looked out and went and did that so we had fun there doing that and now it’s Freelancers.”

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