Curren$y had been making headlines the past few weeks detailing his ever-growing list of upcoming projects. Now, in a recent interview with AllHipHop, Spitta Andretti discussed his plans for his next solo release through Warner Music.

Although Spitta kept mostly tight-lipped about the project, he did reveal that his sophomore release through Warner will be titled Immaculary. He went to say that the album will follow in the same vein as The Stoned immaculate, but will not be a carbon-copy rehash.

Immaculary – that’s what it’s gonna be [titled],” he said. “It’ll be like The Stoned Immaculate, but it won’t be Stoned Immaculate. It is though – it’s Immaculary. It’s gonna be tight.”

Curren$y also addressed the possible issue of over-saturating his Jet Life brand with the bevy of impedning projects. He said that he feels it isn’t a problem for his fans, explaining that his own favorite rapper Max B followed the same career trajectory prior to his incarceration.

“No [I don’t feel I’m over-saturating the market] because Max B was my favorite, and Max B had so much music and I never was like, sad ‘cus there was a [new] Max B record on the Internet,” he said. “[I was never like,] ‘I don’t want to download another one’ – I would always do it. I feel like for people that are into my shit, it must be pretty tight for me to keep doing that. I like weed; it’d be tight if the weed man came to my house and was like, ‘I know I just brought you an ounce, but here’s another one’ – ‘Nah dawg, please I don’t want all of this.’ I’m gonna use it eventually; they gonna listen to this shit, so it’s no problem.” 

Check out the full interview below.

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