Members of the Miami based Raider Klan including SpaceGhostPurrp went on to clarify that there is no affiliation between themselves and the New York based A$AP Mob.

SpaceGhostPurrp revealed that there was a time when the two crews were cordial, but that ended following an incident which took place last year.

“We Raider Klan man. We got our own shit going on. And that’s how the fuck it is. We ain’t A$AP,” SpaceGhostPurrp explained. “I showed love to them nigga’s last year and some shit went down and we don’t fuck with each other no more. I fuck with a couple of them nigga’s, but as far as them other nigga’s I don’t fuck with you bruh.”

The group also went on to express their belief that the A$AP Mob stole their swag.

“They just faking the funk. Bring us our swag back,” said a member of Raider Klan. “You know what the fuck going on…Ya’ll nigga’s is not no fuckin’ gangsters. Bring your ass to the Dade County bruh. You ain’t talking no gangster shit bruh.”

In comments he made on his video blog on YouTube, SpaceGhostPurrp explained that his issues with A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob stemmed from Rocky’s use of his Raider hierogyphics as well as lyrics used in the song “Goldie.” SpaceGhostPurrp also revealed that the rapper used one of his beats at Coachella without crediting him. 

Watch the video below (via X).

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