Redman is known for his raucous live shows alongside his How High partner Method Man. Now, in a pair of promotional clips for Ice-T’s upcoming film Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Reggie Noble recalls his first-ever live show.

According to the Def Squad alum, his first show proved to be a disaster. Funk Doc recalled that he forgot the entirety of his lyrics the minute he hit the stage. Although he was able to freestyle through the rest of the set, he said that he cursed the entire way through, even though he was asked not to due to the performance being aired on cable TV.

“My first time trying to rock in front of people, it was downtown with my boy Craig and we were supposed to do a talent show,” he recalled. “It was for a park, so kids was out there an everything and I got right up on stage and my brain went black. I remembered one bit of the show, I remembered one bit of lyric. I went up there free styling the whole jump-off, and it was for a cable network so we couldn’t curse. I was up there cursing my ass off.”

Check out both parts of the interview below.


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