ThisIs50’s Young Jack Thrilla recent caught up with veteran Chicago rhymer Twista to discuss his upcoming ninth album The Dark Horse. During the interview, the tongue twister emcee addressed the recent rumors of possibly signing with fellow Windy City alum and “Slow Jamz” partner Kanye West. Twista said that the rumors are purely speculation, but that he wouldn’t be opposed to joining G.O.O.D. Music provided that it felt right.

“I don’t know what it’s going to be [with G.O.O.D. Music],” he said. “[The media] takes it the way they want to take it. [All I said was] that I’m open to sign with whomever as long as the situation’s right…it’s all love. [Kanye and I] both from Chi Town and he’s been in the game doing his thing for a long time. I definitely don’t look at it like [I won’t sign under a younger artist]. Like I said, as long as the situation’s right.”

Twista also discussed the possibility of attempting to reclaim his Guinness World Record as the world’s fastest rapper, which he earned back in 1992. He explained that while he has no real intention to go after the record two decades after he first claimed it, he’d give it a try if the fans demanded it.

“I had my little run with it [with the Guinness World Records, it’s cool,” he said. “If I want to mess around with it, if I’m just chilling around, I’ll show people what I can do because people don’t realize there’s only so fast you can go. I’ve been studying that whole science for a minute, so if people want me to get back into it, I’ll do it.”

Check out the full interview below.

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