Yelawolf recently announced that he’s working on his sophomore album Love Story, tentatively set for release this summer. During an interview with, the Shady Records rapper said that the project will heavily feature production from WillPower and Malay, but remained tight-lipped about the guest artists who contribute to the LP.

“The album is called Love Story and I’ll be working with WillPower and Malay, lay money,” he revealed. “I’m definitely not going to give up any features that I plan to have on this project. I’m going to keep everything super low key. As far as my crew just the same crew, same as I always do. The focus of the album is the experience since Radioactive and just putting all that into a project.”

Catfish Billy also addressed the possibility of his Shady Records boss Eminem participating in the project, but said that nothing has been set in stone.

“Well you know it’s Shady Records, and of course that’s the homie, so the door is always open. I’m not sure when or if he’s going to be available during that time, but I’m positive that we’re going to be working together on a project. [I] always keep him in the circle because you know it’s important to keep it in the family.”

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