Between the Throne’s smash “Niggas in Paris” and Kanye West’s single “Theraflu,” producer Hit-Boy has been earning production credits from some of Hip Hop’s biggest acts. Now, Hit-Boy and Harlem upstart A$AP Rocky talk about their recent collaboration “Goldie.”

In a recent interview with Sucker Free, the duo explained how “Goldie” came about due from a mutual connection with New Orleans emcee/producer Cashe N. Cashe. They both also discussed how they managed to fuse their unique but different styles to make a high-energy club track.

“Hit-Boy is a young nigga, so when I met him, it was some young nigga shit going on,” Rocky said. “Me, Chase N. Cashe and Drake threw a party at my studio out in L.A. The same day I met Hit-Boy is the same night we went to the club, and we was just mobbing’ with each other, drinking Cristal and just chilling and shit. So me and his relationship has just been on some young niggas taking over shit, ‘cus you know, Hit-Boy don’t really got the typical A$AP sound, but I love what he stands for and we made this killer-ass track together, so I know niggas ’bout to be turned up.”

Hit-Boy added, “My boy Chase N. Cashe got really cool with [A$AP Rocky], so he sent me some links to some of his stuff, and I was like, ‘This dude is dope.’ Rocky actually had requested to work with me, so we went in the studio and the first record we made [‘Goldie’] is about to be his first single…I wanted to give him something with a little more energy, something for the club, ‘cus that’s kind of where I’m at right now. We nailed it; it’s between his sound and my sound, and we just did a really good job with it.”

Check out the full interview below.

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