It would appear Kreayshawn had aspirations of being on television long before launching a Rap career. The “Gucci Gucci” performer recently revealed to GQ magazine’s Laren Bans that she previously auditioned for the reality show “Bad Girls Club” before changing her mind.

“I like, filled out the whole thing, went in for an interview,” Kreayshawn said. “Then before my second interview, I was watching this episode where this girl got hella bleach thrown on her, and I was like, I don’t want to be on a show where I’ll get chemically poisoned and get jumped out in my sleep and shit. It’s not enough money for that.”

Instead, the Oakland product enrolled in film school where she shot and edited videos for Lil B and other rappers. And while the time behind the camera would eventually lead to her launching her own career as a solo artist, it didn’t stop her from temporarily dabbling in the world’s oldest profession.

“Some girls I was hangin’ out with at the time wanted to do it,” Kreayshawn said in regard to her time as an online madam. “And I was like, ‘Well I’m not going to do it, but I can, like, help you arrange it. We had a plan. We were gonna open up a massage parlor in the future and make it a real enterprise. It was gonna be legit. But after a week, some professionals came into the situation. And then the girls were gone.”

That sensitivity toward other women may lend some insight into the motivation behind the profile’s most eye-popping quote.

“I’m, like, a person who likes love,” Kreayshawn explained. “And I can find love in any type of person. I’ve dated girls and I’ve liked girls. But they’re usually straight girls, so it never works out. I mean, I’m not that gay, so I don’t have the energy to convince someone else to be gay, you know?”

The full profile, entitled “That S#!t Kreay” is available in the March issue of GQ, which is available on news stands and digitally at

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