Skyzoo is currently at work on his upcoming mixtape A Dream Deferred, which he refers to as his “most musical project that I’ve ever done.” During an interview with The Well Versed, Sky explained how it’s a step up from The Salvation and picks up where The Great Debater left off.

A Dream Deferred is definitely the most musical project that I’ve ever done. I can’t go too heavy into it, but even with the writing there are some records on it with so many layers. If you thought The Salvation was layered, forget it,” he said. “I have a record on there called ‘Steel’s Apartment’ that’s just out of control. The title alone is just gonna have people like, ‘What is that?’”

Sky said that A Dream Deferred will be preceded by a mixtape titled Theo vs. J.J.: ‘Dreams vs. Reality, and that it’s inspired by Theo from The Cosby Show and J.J. from Good Times.

“I love touring, I love being on the road but I don’t even want to do it right now. All I want to do right now is just get in the lab and create. I’m actually dropping a mixtape before A Dream Deferred. It picks up where The Great Debater left off, and it sets up the album. It pretty much serves as the middle ground between The Great Debater and A Dream Deferred. No one knows this yet so you guys get the exclusive, the mixtape is called Theo vs. JJ: “Dreams vs. Reality.” Theo from the Cosbys pretty much represents the dream, and JJ from Good Times is the reality of it.”

[February 2]

UPDATE: Skyzoo has revealed that his next album, A Dream Deferred, will release on September 18th, regardless of whether a label is involved. Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on what fans can expect on the project (via 2DB & TheWellVersed).

[March 19]

UPDATE #2: The cover art and tracklist for Skyzoo’s A Dream Deferred have been revealed.


1. Dreams In A Basement featuring Jill Scott (produced by !llmind)
2. Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali) (produced by 9th Wonder)
3. Pockets Full feat. Freeway (produced by !llmind)
4. Give It Up feat. DJ Prince (produced by !llmind)
5. Glass Ceilings (produced by !llmind)
6. Range Rover Rhythm (produced by Jahlil Beats)
7. The Knowing feat. Jessy Wilson (produced by Eric G)
8. Drew & Derwin feat. Raheem Devaughn (produced by Focus)
9. Realization feat. Jared Evan (produced by DJ Khalil)
10. The Rage of Roemello (produced by DJ Khalil)
11. How to Make it Through Hysteria (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12. Steel’s Apartment (produced by Black Milk)
13. Spike Lee Was My Hero feat. Talib Kweli (produced by Tall Black Guy)
14. The Cost of Sleep (produced by Tall Black Guy)

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