Common has extended his beef with Drake to another diss track. Com, who originally sparked the war of words with his salty cut “Sweet,” has recorded a remix to Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin” that originally featured Drake and French Montana.

Releasing the remix to MTV’s RapFix, Com photoshopped “That Hoe Ass Nigg%” where Drake’s name would be on cover art for the cut. He leaves Drake’s verse intact, which features lines including “I see no need to compete with niggas like y’all.”

Com unleashes on Drake on his following verse, even calling him out by name. “My motto is Chicago bitch, everybody know you’re sweet, what the problem is? / Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged this,” “The rapper of the moment, the style he don’t own it / Acting all hard when he hardly like that / You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that / Don’t do it, ’cause every song you make Joe is really hoe music.”



Listen to the track below.

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