Billboard recently caught up with two of Atlanta’s hottest up-and-coming solo acts, Future and 2 Chainz, to discuss their careers and upcoming projects. During the interview, Future talked about his impending debut project Pluto, which he says will be out this January 31. He explained that he’s anticipating that Pluto will be one of those albums that forces people to sit down and really delve into the music because it’s so far ahead of the curve.

“I’ve got Pluto going on at the top of the year [on] January 31. It was like, ‘Man, let’s go on and get that momentum…and drop the album and treat it like a mixtape,'” he said. “I feel like this music is really like an album that’s going to have to sit on the shelf for a long time. For people to understand it, they’re going to have to really sit down and understand and play it to get it. It’s timeless music, it’s music that you’re going to be able to hear three years from now and be like, ‘Oh that’s what he was talking about.’ I’m trying to be ahead of the curve, ahead of the time right now. You can’t be in with the fads, you’ve got to be a trendsetter.”

Future also discussed his unique use of melody and how it will play into the final outcome of his debut LP. He said that he’s really trying to create a stadium-friendly sound with his music, and that only a quarter of the total songs on the album will actually find him rapping. He also added that none of the songs that made him a household name amongst rap fans like “Tony Montana” will be featured on the project.

“As far as the melodies that I’m using, I’m not even really rapping on all the songs. I’ve probably got about 25% rap [on the album]; the rest of the songs are just full of melody,” he explained. “Astronaut music; I’m trying to make stadium music, music that you could put your lighters up to and people could walk away with [the feeling] like, ‘Ay, I learned something, I feel different from [hearing] this song.’ Music that symbolizes change…no track that’s out right now are going to be on my album, because they’re already out and I want to give people something new. They always want something new.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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