During an interview with Denmark’s Splash! Magazine, Alabama rapper Yelawolf gave his commentary on a number of video clips that included everything from Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad” to a clip of Eminem rapping in “8 Mile.”

After being shown the clip from 8-Mile, Yelawolf revealed that he had just watched the movie days ago and then went into detail on the series of events that led to him signing to Interscope Records.

“I watched this last week like 10 times. I watched it over and over again. It trips me out, you know. It’s like a sign…After I did a mixtape called Trunk Muzik we started touring with it and doing a lot of shows. We went to South By Southwest and did a big run in South By Southwest and did really well,” Yelawolf explained to Splash! Magazine. “One show in particular, the Fader Fort, was a huge show that we did at South By Southwest. And we had a scout A&R from Interscope named Todd Parker who came out to check us out. And after South By Southwest we flew to meet with Jimmy Iovine and sign with Interscope. And Trunk Muzik made its way to Paul Rosenberg’s desk and after Eminem went to Miami to work with Jim Jonsin. Jim Jonsin’s a good friend of ours and a good friend of mine. He played him ‘Pop The Trunk’ the video, played Marshall ‘Pop The Trunk,’ and after that he just started checking out Trunk Muzik and became a fan. Flew us out to Detroit for a meeting and that was pretty much it man.”

Yelawolf later went on to explain how big of a Mystikal fan he is after being shown the music video for No Limit’s “Make Em Say Ughh.”

“No Limit took over the world. They took over the South for sure. Mystikal, he killed this fuckin’ song man. I’m a huge Mystikal fan,” said Yelawolf. “The chopping and all the flipping and shit I got the inspiration from him. And performance style too. He’s just a beast. I used to just wait for his verse. Mystikal’s that shit. Huge Mystikal fan. No Limit was a huge influence in the South. I mean for the world. Master P has a business, man. He showed everybody you could do it. You could do it by yourself.”

Lastly Yelawolf spoke on one of the South’s most iconic groups, Outkast. And like many Yelawolf stressed the need for a new Outkast album.

“Yea, Outkast always changing the game.  This is another crazy record…Dre and Big Boi need to get back together and do a fuckin album man. The world misses Outkast man, for real. We need another album,” Yelawolf explained while watching ‘Bombs Over Baghdad.’”

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