Murs recently teamed up with producer Ski Beatz for the upcoming album Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, due October 11th. Speaking with, the West Coast rapper explained that it wasn’t exactly an easy transition to BluRoc Records but that he’s pleased with the results.

“Ski wasn’t too familiar with my work, but I think we got along well enough. I feel we are still getting familiar. Well, I should say he is still getting familiar with me. He is a certified O.G. in the game, so I am, of course, familiar with his catalog,” said Murs, who named Camp Lo’s “Swing” as his favorite Ski-produced cut. “After 50 cities of touring with me this fall, he will be very familiar with my music, fans, family and friends across the country. We will be able to work together with greater synergy on the next record if the fans see fit. We feel it’s the right thing to do.”

He also discussed the difference between releasing albums on Def Jux, Warner Bros. Records and BluRoc, claiming that a change of scenery can often come with new problems.

“Def Jux was an all heart and love operation — a bunch of friends supporting each other’s art, but not always making the best business decisions. Warner Bros. was filled with a lot of people who love the art, but also want to keep their jobs. It was a lot of checks and balances to make sure money is not wasted, but all the red tape can sometimes hurt the creative process.”

Additionally, he revealed that his fifth and final album with 9th Wonder will be titled The Final Adventures of Murf and Beef Dog, and is hoping to release another record with The Invincibles.

“A comic book ( with an accompanying soundtrack by DJ Foundation and yours truly,” he says of his upcomgin projects. “Hopefully The Invincibles record, a mixtape or two, and Love & Rockets, Volume 2: The Declaration, of course!”

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