Over the past year, Los Angeles-based art collective SceneFour has been collaborating with some of Hip Hop’s finest, including the RZA, Chuck D of Public Enemy, the Hieroglyphics and DJ QBert, to create a series of art pieces based on their musical accomplishments. Now, SceneFour’s musical series will get the exhibition experience this fall at the Andrew Weiss Gallery for the “Come Together” exhibition.

SceneFour first opened its “Come Together” exhibit at the Beverly Hills gallery this past September 14 to celebrate its multi-musical genre art collection. “Come Together,” which also features paintings from Bootsy Collins, Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down and guitarist George Lynch, runs through November 1.  

A promo video for the exhibit can be seen below. Additional information about the event can be found at SceneFour’s website.

In other news, the Red Bull Music Academy is hosting a new concert series that will celebrate Hip Hop in the five boroughs of New York City this coming week. Beginning this Sunday September 25 and lasting until Friday September 30, the Five Out of Five series will bring five acts – Mobb Deep, Black Moon, Slick Rick, Diplomats and the Wu-Tang Clan – to Webster Hall’s stage to perform their most iconic albums.

The Five Out of Five tour will start this Sunday with Queens duo Mobb Deep performing their album The Infamous, featuring special guest Lloyd Banks. From Tuesday on, featured artists will include Slick Rick repping the Bronx with The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, the Wu-Tang Clan for Staten Island with Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Black Moon with Big Daddy Kane for Brooklyn with Enta Da Stage and the Diplomats and Vado performing Diplomatic Immunity on behalf of Manhattan. 

Doors will open for each concert at 8 PM. Performance and ticketing information can be found at Red Bull Music Academy’s website

Finally, emcee Fred Knuxx has announced the release of his next project, and this time, he’s taking it back to the old school for inspiration. Titled RapMania, the mixtape finds the Delaware rapper taking a cue from professional wrestling in both its title and musical concept.

According to a recent press release, RapMania will feature Knuxx going over beats that sample a host of professional wrestlers’ theme songs, including CM Punk, Razor Ramon, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Legion Of Doom, Chris Benoit, Midnight Express, Million Dollar Man and Triple H. 

According to Knuxx, however, the wrestling influence doesn’t end there. The project’s first single “Straight Edge MC” finds Knuxx comparing his straight edge lifestyle to that of wrestler CM Punk. Knuxx explained that it’s that kind of creativity that will make his tape a cut above the rest.

RapMania will be a classic just off creativity alone and the way I took each wrestler and made songs that relates to me as an artist but also them as wrestlers,” said Knuxx.

RapMania is due out this November. A video compilation featuring “Straight Edge MC” can be seen below.