Company Gemstone Creative that makes mosaic portraits out of diamonds and various other precious stones. Their latest subject? None other than Jay-Z.

The company’s website says, “People are mosaics. We’re made up of many different moods, influences and memories.” Other subjects of the mosaics made by Gemstone Creative include President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Marilyn Monroe.

The price of the high-end piece? $1 Million. Below is a video explaining the company’s work.

Hip Hop and art continue to collide, as RZA – producer, rapper, author, composer, actor and director – has taken to the canvas, according to

The leader of the Wu-Tang Clan has reimagined Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting, “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” which depicts the first U.S. President and several soldiers on a boat, making his way across the Delaware River during the revolutionary war.

In RZA’s version, he takes Washington’s place, while Wu-Tang members Ol’ Dirty Bastard and GZA holding up the American flag.

There’s a significant amount of Wu-Tang symbolism on the painting, which is named “Victory or Death,” including ninja oarsmen, and Wu-Tang symbols throughout. It has already received accolades from Pitchfork, as well as Village Voice, the latter of which called it “the greatest painting of 2010.”

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