The art company When Art Imitates Life (WAIL for short) has been making the rounds through the Hip-Hop community. WAIL recently teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan head honcho the RZA earlier this year for a series of portraits. Now, the group is looking west to pioneer collective Hieroglyphics to create a series of 200 portraits of the group’s nine members re-imagined in The Valley of Kings utilizing Chromadepth visual technology. 

“The piece is dope,” said Souls of Mischief and Hiero member Tajai. “I love art. I love music. Music is art. And when they come together in a situation like this where they create something that’s considered high art, immortalizing a group like Hiero in that manner, it’s a good thing for music, and a good thing for history.”

The Valley of Kings portrait is set to go on sale to the public on May 28 on WAIL’s homepage.