In addition to several other artists performing their classic albums in their entirety at Rock the Bells 2011, Erykah Badu is running through her 1997 debut Baduizm in full. Speaking with WSJ, Fat Belly Bella explained that it’s a challenge for her to revisit the album and that it’s hard to recreate the moment.

“It was just of a different time period, a different following, a different cult, at that time. So it’s always a challenge. Well, not always, because this is my first time doing it, but it was a challenge, trying it. Making that same statement again. Because that album is an album, and when I recorded Baduizm, it was something that I could perfect – perfecting a moment. A live performance is creating a moment. And even when Baduizm was out and that was my only album, I didn’t only just do Baduizm songs, because you have to really create a moment that continues to captivate the audience. So it’s kind of a challenge to just do one album all of the way through. Unless its The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

She also revealed that she’s working on an upcoming project with Gorillaz, in addition to the previously announced album with Flying Lotus.

“I’m making an album right now with a guy named Flying Lotus. I’m working on a project with The Gorillaz. I’m always doing something. It doesn’t always make headlines, but I’m always making art – always. I deliver babies. That’s what I do – that’s the art that I’m focusing on right now for the most part. I’m a midwife.”

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