It’s been yet another week of news dominated by Watch the Throne and more of Game’s shenanigans, and for some (if not many) Hip Hop fans, this may seem like a daunting and/or tiresome prospect. But that doesn’t mean the world of Hip Hop hasn’t stopped its orbit all together. Now, DX brings you another installment of its Loose Links series, chock full of news-worthy tidbits about the Wu, J-Rocc and the Imperial Skateboard P.

The ’90s era just wouldn’t have been complete without the dark, dusty-grooved sounds of the Wu-Tang Clan. The nine-piece outfit revolutionized the way producers and emcees attacked music, fusing gritty, street-smart rhymes with utterly cinematic production, courtesy of “the sharpest mothafucka in the Clan” the RZA. And with a discography as deep as the Wu’s is, it’s hard to pick a single favorite track. So when Complex came out with their list of the 100 greatest songs recorded by the infamous Staten Island clique, DX jumped at the chance to get on board and throw up their W’s. The list goes deep, too – from the Clan’s ode to “Crooked I” 40 ounces to fan-favorites like “C.R.E.A.M.”, no worthy Wu-banger is left unmentioned. The Clan is in the front, indeed.

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Stones Throw alum J. Rocc may be one of the most slept-on producers to rep the California-based indie powerhouse. While it’s easy to understand why he’s often overlooked in favor of his label’s other members like Madlib, Oh No and the late J Dilla, DX is still wondering why J. Rocc has yet to achieve the same level of commericial and critical fanfare as ‘Lib or Dilla. Be that as it may, Rocc still knows how to get busy with the samples. Egotrip linked up with the Cali-born DJ/producer to discuss his personal favorite samples in Hip Hop, from Dr. Dre’s “Straight Outta Compton” to Showbiz and A.G.’s “Soul Clap.” This one is definitely a must-see for any and all crate diggers.

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While his music may seem like a complete 180-degree turn from the two previously mentioned artists, there’s no doubt that Pharrell can get busy on the boards. From spaced-out synths to the clean-cut simplicity of hits like “Super Thug” and “Grindin'”, Skateboard P is a producer who’s as iconoclastic as DJ Premier or Kanye West in terms of the sound he creates. In honor of Skateboard P’s achievments this past year, from starting his own brand of liquor to his creating a new entertainment company, Complex decided to list the 25 best hooks he’s contributed to tracks over the years.

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