In a recent interview with Rap-Up, Pharrell discussed the newest addition to his business portfolio: Qream. A vodka-based cream liqueur, Qream comes as the result of a partnership with Diageo, a company that partnered with Diddy for Ciroc vodka.

“I was afforded the opportunity by Diageo, and when they first asked me, I didn’t know what I was gonna do,” explained the rapper and producer. “But I looked at the market, I looked at the holes out there, and it felt like indulgence and women were the two things that were being neglected.”

“So what I decided to do was design a drink that made sense for women that everybody could enjoy, but women knew it was for them. Same alcohol by volume as wine, except for when you pour a glass of Qream, it’s significantly less calories.”

The allure of Qream, explained Pharrell, aside from a lower calorie count, is that it is lactose-friendly. “It’s damn-near 95% lactose-free.”

Pharrell also addressed his collaboration with Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator. “[Tyler has] paid me a lot of incredible compliments and I admire his work, so we went in the studio and made a couple of songs,” he said, before confirming his collaboration with Odd Future’s Frank Ocean.

Watch the interview below:

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