Virginia Beach, Virginia producer/singer/emcee Pharrell Williams paid OFWGKTA (a/k/a Odd Future) ringleader Tyler, The Creator the ultimate compliment by hitting the studio with the talented upstart. Now, the Neptunes musician is making his way through the OFWGKTA chain by putting in work with resident crooner Frank Ocean.

The “Novacane” singer, who was recently arrested by the LAPD for reasons unknown, revealed that he was in the lab with Pharrell and cooking up some new tunes. “[T]he pharrell harmonizations. swag,” he tweeted, with pictures from their session at Neptune Avenue posted on the BBC Ice Cream blog.

the pharrell harmonizations. swag.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Pharrell later shared his love for OFWGKTA at this weekend’s ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo in Los Angeles, California. Speaking on the state of the music industry, he praised OF members as well as envelope pushers like The Weeknd, Kenna and more.

“What happens is, Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future decide ‘no more.’ And then there’s The Weeknd and Frank Ocean and groups like MGMT. They go, ‘That’s cool,’” he said. “James [Murphy] from LCD Soundsytem and those guys from DFA out of Brooklyn and Santi[gold] and Kenna, and all this new music starts to happen. That’s where we are now, and that’s the good news to me, that people want other.”

He continued by reflecting on the state of the music industry, coming down on labels for being shortsighted. “Music is a medium for people to express their feelings and their respective ideas. When that is being compromised with the way to leverage it and make money, it’s going to suffer terribly,” he continued. “And so now, you’ve got a guy who’s asking his daughter everything. […] I mean that this guy is numbers guy and he’s relying on his children to tell him what’s going on. There’s a problem with that, because he himself can’t stand behind his idea of what music should be because his propensity is with numbers.”

While none of OF’s collaborations with Pharrell have come to light, Tyler, The Creator is next on the docket to release his sophomore album Goblin, due May 10.

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