Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli shared some news about his next solo album Prisoner Of Conscious during a radio interview with Kweli revealed that the album will feature appearances from Mos Def, Kendrick Lamar, Maino, Curren$y and more.

“My next single features Nelly. It’s pretty much done. I’m trying to tweak it right now,” Kweli revealed.

Kweli, who upset a few Hip Hop elitists when he released a song featuring Gucci Mane last year, explained that he isn’t really bothered by the overly critical comments anymore.

“It gets less frustrating as I get older…When you’re past 30 and you’re still hating or you’re still mad at some little kid cause he’s more successful then you. And you 35 years old and used to rap and some 20-year-old is rapping now and you mad at him cause he don’t have the technical skills you deem as important in Hip Hop. That’s corny,” Kweli explained.

As far as a possible Black Star album is concerned Kweli revealed that there’s nothing in the works at the moment, but he wouldn’t be against putting out an album sometime in the future.

“Albums are an organic process ya know,” Kweli explained. “To be real, people don’t buy albums like that. If I’m a fan I’m more excited about seeing the show. If there’s some music that comes out of it that’ll be good. It’s not like we have anything in the works right now for a Black Star album.”

Kweli also spoke on the tragic passing of British singer Amy Winehouse over the weekend.

“It’s extremely sad. Amy Winehouse went way before her time,” said the rapper. “Being on Twitter and being in the digital age, social networking – people make a lot of snide and borderline rude comments about when celebrities pass away…People have to be responsible for they habits and their lifestyles, but a drug problem is in fact a medical issue. Who are we to judge?”

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