Between Jay-Z, Styles P and Prodigy’s recent forays into the literary world, fans have had ample amounts of Hip Hop literature to read. Now, in a new recent interview with AllHipHop, the Brooklyn rapper revealed that he will be the next rapper to grace listeners’ bookshelves.

Kweli’s book, which has yet to be titled, will focus on his life and his personal beliefs and philosophies. Although he doesn’t claim to have an extensive wisdom of the world, Kweli said that he feels some of his life experiences may be of use to readers.

“I am still a relatively young person in the scheme of the world, so I don’t feel like I will stop learning by any [length] of the imagination,” said Kweli. ”I’ve learned some things that I can impart that can be worth something to people.”

Talib also addressed whether he and frequent collaborator Mos Def would ever reunite as Black Star for a new album. He said that Black Star does not any plans to release a new album soon. He explained that while the two will continue to work together, the business aspects of their reunion aren’t totally in sync.

“There’s no update, there’s no album that we are working on, we have done a lot of music together and a few songs that people haven’t heard, but Mos operates very differently than your average artist in terms of how he wants to get his music out there,” he said. “I think what it is with him is really trying to explore ownership and really trying to explore the best way for us to put out an album that is based on the creative love for the music, rather than based on the demand from the fans. As much as this is a business, music is not made because of supply and demand. Music is made from your heart, and we just got to do it because its right and not just because there is a demand for it. But I want to hear it too.”

Talib Kweli is currently preparing the release of his sixth solo disc Prisoner of Conscious.

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