Producer Dame Grease has revealed that he’s currently working on DMX’s comeback album and Kreayshawn’s major label debut, as well as tracks with Jae Millz and Curren$y. Speaking with Futuristic Blogger, Dame explained that the songs he’s cooking up with Dark Man X are exactly what’s missing from the game.

“First and foremost, I’m pretty sure the world know about it,” said Dame, who produced the bulk of X’s debut It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. “[DMX] came home two days ago, we’re working on a brand new album with [him] right now. Was in the studio last night, we back in the studio tonight. We’re working on a brand new album, good energy, the songs is phenomenal. It’s actually a good dose of what we need in Hip Hop right now.”

The Harlem, New York native also shared that he’s in the studio with Sony’s latest signee Kreayshawn, confirming that her deal with the imprint was for $1 million.



“I’m working with a brand new artist from the Bay that’s taking over the globe right now. Her name is Kreayshawn, I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of her,” he continued. “If y’all didn’t, you will. We’re working real hard right now. I’m doing a couple of tracks on her album. I actually was working with her before she got signed, she got signed to Sony for $1 million. So that’s how valuable she is right now.”

Listen below to hear the interview and Dame’s explanation for starting the rumor that 50 Cent was bailing out Max B for $4 million.

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