DJ Premier recently chopped it up with Splash Mag, discussing everything from Tyler, The Creator to his collaboration album with Pete Rock. During the chat, he praised the Odd Future front man for his eccentricities, claiming that the two are actually quite similar.

“He’s dope, straight up. He gets it. I get it. I don’t need to be explained to. I’m crazy, just like him. I was here before him, so he’s just me reborn. You don’t see me acting like this on camera and everything, but I understand it. I totally get him. He’s official,” he said. “You gotta understand that no matter how extreme it gets, you still gotta think for yourself as a human being. Never let the music dictate how you’re supposed to move. Think for yourself. This is the enjoyment of the music and even if this is the way he feels or even if he is that crazy, that’s him.”

Preem also spoke on Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier, a battle album where each producer gets six tracks. He revealed that guests on his tracks include The Beatnuts, GZA and Sheek Louch, and that the album is on the way.

“They’re all going to be crazy. It’s a battle, just for fun. We’re just going to do it and knock it out,” he said, speaking on his crazy co-star. “Pete is just the craziest dude. He’s crazy as fuck. He’s definitely a bug-out. I didn’t know he was a bug-out until going beyond just us being cool. Now, to do an album and do shows with him, you’re dealing with a maniac. He’s a fuckin’ maniac, yo. That’s why he’s funky, but he’s a fuckin’ maniac. Sometimes, I want to throw a bottle at him and be like, ‘You crazy motherfucker!’ But that’s Pete.”

As for his solo album A Man of Few Words, he claims it’s a wrap. “That is over. Yeah, that’s over. I talk too much now, so it doesn’t have the same meaning. But you’ll be seeing a lot.”

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