Midway through last year Pete Rock announced on Twitter that he and DJ Premier would be making a collaborative album. Over the next few months details trickled out, Premier confirmed the album months later and let a guest appearance slip. Pete Rock has also confirmed two guests on his side.

“This is really happening,” The Soul Brother told Vibe. “I got a good side of people with me [laughs]. I’m going to keep the artists I have under wraps.”  

“That project came together from being on tour with Premier in Japan,” continued Pete, referring to their May 2, 2010 show in Tokyo. “We would do a show called Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier where we went back and forth with our music onstage and people would just go crazy. They loved the show. We sat in our hotel rooms and ate dinner and talked about doing an album together for hours. It was definitely something I wanted to do. Me and Premier can round up the best rappers and go crazy with this album.”

The concept of the album is that each producer brings six songs to the table, with the guests remaining a secret while recording. The album is slated for a 2011 release and is sure to bring about some spirited debate as to which producer was better.