Earlier this month, HipHopDX met Tech N9ne and the staff of Strange Music in Kansas City, Missouri for a concert/album release weekend. Just days before the release of Tech’s highest-charting album to date, All 6’s & 7’s, the emcee spoke with DX from inside a conference room at Strange.

In this conversation, Tech spoke about his song with Lil Wayne,T-Pain and Krizz Kaliko, “Fuck Food. The record, hardly designed as a single, commemorates this album’s overall agenda – Tech not going mainstream, but rather the mainstream going Tech. The Hip Hop fan recalls previous songs about cunnilingus, his own stance on the once Rap-taboo, and if he’s made a potential ladies anthem in the face of so many male-dominated songs about “head.

Tech N9ne On Songs About Oral Sex In Hip Hop 

HipHopDX: This is a weird question to ask, but it’s interesting in a way. For a lot of years, talking about performing cunilingus was really taboo. And here, on one of the most talked about records of your career, you put it on front street. What do you think it means to Hip Hop’s perception for young kids who grew up hearing N.W.A. say, “Nah, I don’t do that?”

Tech N9ne: I think to each…his or her own. DJ Pooh—not DJ Pooh, but who was it?

HipHopDX: Pooh-Man?

Tech N9ne: Yeah, Pooh-Man. It was called “Eatin’ Pussy” or something like that. Back then, we was like, “Whoa! I can’t believe that nigga said that.” But as you get older and you meet someone you like, you might want to lick on them in a certain place…if you trust her like that. Or if the lady trusts him like that, she might want to suck on a nigga. I don’t know, but we speak freely. If you hear the album All 6’s And 7’s, there’s a song with me, [Lil] Wayne and T-Pain and Krizz Kaliko called “Fuck Food. And Wayne says, “I’ll eat that pussy like The Last Supper.”

As artists, we ain’t afraid to tell a motherfucker what we do. As far as the kid growing up that probably don’t think he should do that, in time, if they like somebody they might change their mind. And if not, that’s them. To each, his or her own.

HipHopDX: Along those lines, do you think “Fuck Food” will become a ladies’ anthem?

Tech N9ne: I do think “Fuck Food” will become a ladies’ anthem. And the guys are gonna have to have it for the ladies to come around. They’ll say, “You got that new Tech N9ne and Wayne?” Even if they don’t fuck with it, it’s like, “Yeah, I got it. ‘Fuck Food’ is right there.” That’s what I mean by bringing them into Strangeland. That’s Tech N9ne; that’s that Scorpio shit. Get two of the biggest artists—Wayne and Pain—and you put them on a song that can’t be played on the radio. That’s so wonderful, because it’s about the art, man. It’s supposed to be about that. Let it do what it’s gonna do. Just do the music that you love, and see what it does. What if motherfuckers say they hate it? Well, at least we did it. We did it from our hearts?

Tech N9ne’s Opinion Of “F**k Food”

HipHopDX: You love it?

Tech N9ne: Yeah, I love it. I play it everyday. And I still think it’s just a total, big fuck the industry [statement]. To put those two on a song called “Fuck Food” that’s so gothic is not what you would normally hear on the radio or from other folks that get them on a song or a video. If we do a video for “Fuck Food,” it’s probably gonna have to be some viral shit. I had a vision to do [a 1986 film] Lost Boys theme, but as black dudes. We’d be going through the club like the intro from Belly. Remember how Nas and them came through with the glow in the dark eyes? But we’re looking at bitches like, “Y’all sure look like fuck food to me. I wanna eat her alive!”

That’s the whole concept of “Fuck Food,” like, “Oh she’s delicious. She’s so beautiful, I just want to eat her alive.” But we’re not on no cannibalistic shit. It’s like, “I will go straight…cunilingus style.”


Additional Reporting & Video Editing by Omar Burgess

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