After Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios blasted Joell Ortiz for recording “Big Pun’s Back,” Pun associates Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine are echoing her sentiments. Though they acknowledge that Ortiz’s heart was in the right place, they agree with Rios that he may have gone about it the wrong way. 

“Come on man. Like I said before, only a few are chosen to touch certain things. At the end of the day, I don’t feel that man was chosen to do that. He didn’t go through the right ways to touch that. That’s all,” said Cuban. “There’s no problems where there’s going to be some extra shit. As far as like, it doesn’t sit right with me. But at the end of the day, it is what it is, music. Pun was bigger than just our brother, so we get a little tight when niggas do certain things. At the end of the day, they showing love, I know they’re showing love. But I know the business, too. I know niggas use that business shit sometimes to bring it back on themselves and put themselves on a higher level. I need to talk to the brother, because I was always a fan of his shit, too, because he got some fire.”

Tony echoed his sentiments, agreeing that it was done out of love but approached incorrectly.

“I think Cuban summed it up. As far as being a lyricist, I think Pun was – not because he was our brother and not because he opened doors and avenues for us, I think he was just super natural on the mic,” he said. “He was just ahead of his time and he’s just beyond. One of the best ever to touch the mic, and I don’t think anybody could touch the mic like he did. I mean, the dude is super incredible. I think he’s talented and like Cuban said, I’m glad somebody’s trying to keep his name alive and rep his name, but there are just certain things you don’t do. You’ve got to come to the table of the family of that man before you do certain things.”

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