San Francisco Weekly reports Lil B has signed a tour deal with Live Nation for a group of shows around the East Coast and the Midwest. The Based God is no stranger to the East, having previously performed at Santo’s Party House. He also made his first appearance in Atlanta last year, but this deal will apparently also cover some uncharted territory as well.

“It’s for sure the first [Bay Area] show of this new era of people being aware of Lil B,” Sebastian Demian, Lil B’s manager, told SF Weekly. “We hope to take it all over the country and spread the message of based thinking. [He made] over 100 MySpace pages…over 100 videos on YouTube last year. Now we’ll do over 100 shows.”

Demian says representatives from Live Nation couldn’t remember making a similar agreement before. Lil B signed a deal with Amalgam digital in 2010, but most artists signed to Live Nation touring deals are usually connected to a major label. While nothing is official, Demian added that he and Lil B are in talks with several labels.