This morning, Hip Hop superstar Lil Wayne appeared on ESPN, speaking with hosts Mike Hill and Skip Bayless about this week’s Green Bay Packers fight song “Green & Yellow” . In the interview, Wayne, who donned a Packers shirt, revealed that he is indeed not a fan of his hometown New Orleans Saints, but a longtime follower of the storied Wisconsin football franchise.

“I came up with [‘Green & Yellow’] after I heard the ‘Black & Yellow’ [version by Wiz Khalifa],” Wayne explained. “What happened was, I was watching some of them [Pittsburgh] Steelers on media day. One of ’em said, after they finished doin’ the interview, ‘black and yellow, black and yellow.’ So I said, ‘You know what? I’m such a cheese-head, such a Packer fan, I may as well go in and make ‘Green and Yellow.'”

Wayne, who went to the same New Orleans high school as Steelers corner-back Ike Taylor, clarified, “It’s not a diss song at all, it’s a fight song.” The rapper did say that while Packers’ running back Ryan Grant appreciated the support, several Steelers, including Taylor, were not enthused by Wayne’s rally-cry.

“I haven’t done a remix to anybody’s song [since I was released from prison], and I’m kind of popular for that,” said Wayne, about touching Khalifa’s Stargate-produced hit. “This is the perfect first song to do it to.”

Wayne explained that his allegiance to the Packers stems from his late father’s attendance at the 1997 Super Bowl XXXI, where Green Bay defeated the New England Patriots at New Orleans’ Super Dome. From his father’s support of the team then led by Brett Favre, he followed suit. Wayne added that he did not want to appear as a New Orleans Saints band-wagon fan, after the team won last year’s championship after decades of poor performance.

Coming back to the Hip Hop community, Wayne was asked by the hosts if he and Steelers fans Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa should make a friendly game-wager. The Cash Money Records emcee proposed, “If [Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa] want to make a wager, I would say [that since] we all got long hair, so whoever loses should cut their hair.”

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have yet to speak publicly on the proposal.