With fans patiently waiting for the release of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s first single off their collaborative album Watch The Throne, producer Lex Luger described the record in question with MTV RapFix.

“I don’t know exactly when they recorded the record, but I sent the track a couple months ago,” he said of “H.A.M.” Referring to sessions for West’s fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he continued, “[We traded beats] through email. When I met Kanye and Jay in New York for the ‘See Me Now’ record, I dropped a couple tracks off. I’m not for sure if that one was one of them.”

While the Virginian-native has not heard the final cut of “H.A.M.,” Luger expects the record to be “aggressive and hard,” words that have become synonymous with his heavy production. “I’m pretty sure they did a very good job like Waka [Flocka] and [Rick] Ross did to ‘B.M.F.’ and ‘Hard in Da Paint,’” he stated.

According to cover art and Kanye West via Twitter, “H.A.M.” will make its way to listeners tomorrow. Watch The Throne will reportedly be released on March 1.