One of this year’s critically-acclaimed and fan favorite albums has been Big Boi‘s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. With so much attention paid to the Outkast co-founder’s summer album, Hard Knock TV recently asked him if the artistic freedom of him at Def Jam will continue. “I got a three-album deal at Def Jam, and me and [Andre 3000] got a one-album deal over at Jive – one or two,” revealed Big Boi, acknowledging both his group and solo contracts.

Although it may be a year away, Big Boi also touched lightly upon his upcoming third solo outing. “It going real good. I’m like five, six songs into it,” said Big. “It’s only gonna be like 10 songs; I’m going back to the old school way of puttin’ albums together. Hopefully I can be done with it in the next seven or eight months – I’m waitin’ on Dre to finish his record, then we can start plannin’ on some mo’ thangs.”

As for the sound of things, the album has yet to be associated with a concept or title, but Big Boi explained, “The album is a Funk-driven album.” With Grammy Awards and multi-platinum success, Big Boi also criticized the mainstream in explaining his own agenda. “With there being so many watered-down types of music and the radio is really destroyin’ the ears of the kids [by] puttin’ out that bullshit, you gotta put out that potent Funk.”

The video can be seen below:

(December 17)

UPDATE: Big Boi is busy at work on his second solo album, which he’ll call Daddy Fat Sax. Vibe spoke to Mr. Patton at the launch party for Crown Royal Black and he revealed some details about the LP.

“I’ve been working on the new record Daddy Fat Sax and really just taking on beats for outside artists. I got the group Vonnegutt and a couple joints from Killer Mike,” he said. “I have music that’s a continuation from what I was working with the Left Foot album. I’m trying to narrow it down from like seventy-seven records. I’m trying to cut it down, I’m only going to give them ten records this time.”

Big Boi also revealed that he’s got a leftover song from the Left Foot sessions that features former collaborator Raekwon, as well as Janelle Monae. The guest everyone wants to know about is the other half of Outkast, who did not make a vocal appearance on Big Boi’s 2010 album. “[Andre] on the Daddy Fat Sax album? Hopefully, if Jive lets it happen. But I’m definitely going to be on his next record.”