California’s Exile is currently on tour but he found time to update HipHopDX on the status of his various upcoming projects. While he’s got Radio in stores now and the new Radio Remixes online for free, the Dirty Science representative noted that he will continue to release new material. Exile’s AM/FM, an actual remix album to Radio, will be released August 31.

With fans clamoring for a second album from Blu and Exile, since the duo dropped the critically acclaimed Below the Heavens in 2007, it seems the time for that disc is approaching. Though he didn’t specify an official release date, he told us it was, “coming soon.”

“We have songs,” he added. “[We have] a good amount of songs no one has heard.”

Another project that Exile fans have been hoping for is one from Emanon, his group with Aloe Blacc, who is currently gearing up to release his solo project, Good Things, this year. Emanon loyalists won’t have to wait too long, according to Exile, who said that project is nearly “finished.”

“Yes,” he noted. “We have pretty much a whole album finished but we are both [kind] of doing other things and have not found time to mix the album. It’s coming soon and I’m sure we will make plenty new material for it as well.”

Those familiar with Exile’s work also know he’s fond of creating music so he isn’t only relying on these forthcoming projects to unveil new work. Aside from the Emanon project and the disc with Blu, Exile is also readying his own Rap album, Exile Manfredi’s 4 Track Mind, where his focus will also lie in his rhymes. He’s also got a group project called Dag Savage, with Johaz, and an album with Chicago’s ADaD. Ex is also working with a female vocalist, J Mitchell, who was more recently heard on Fashawn’sLife As a Shorty .”

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