Yonkers emcee DMX will be released from jail today after serving four months of a six month sentence that came as a result of violating probation for using illegal drugs.

Yesterday, New York producer and close collaborator Dame Grease stated on his Twitter, “DMX being released from jail [to]morrow!” DMX is expected to return to the studio, as his double-disc album Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later is still set for a 2010 release date.

In other news, 9th Wonder is unsure if The Wonder Years, an album originally scheduled for a 2008 release, will come out.

In an interview with Nodfactor.com, the North Carolina producer explained the artists on his entertainment label are now his main priority, which may result in the shelving of his widely-anticipated album. “I don’t know if [The] Wonder Years will ever come out because I’m trying to get my artists off the ground.”

He continued, “I want to set it up for my team and be the solid part…I don’t want it to be 9th Wonder presents Rapsody, I want it to be Rapsody, I want it to be Big Remo, I want it to be Actual Proof, Tyler Woods, etc.”

Earlier this year, it was revealed that a track originally intended for The Wonder Years, “Star,” was leaked by 9th Wonder’s former Little Brother group mate Phonte due to a personal riff between the two.