Rapper Cormega took to the internet with a vengeance on Sunday (June 13) via his website, legalhustle.net, criticizing the lack of attention given to the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti.

“[sic] good morning friends and everybody else im typing you from Haiti just got finished eating breakfast and I got on the computer let me say first that if you are Haitian and you dont contribute to Haiti any in any way you are a fucking SUCKER if you dont care about the people at least care for you family in Haiti people need help!” wrote the rapper, who went on to commend Immortal Technique and Styles P, with whom Mega was set to perform. “If you not Haitian and you are a human (the race that matters) then do what you can, a dollar sent from a multitude helps many! I want to shout out Immortal Technique (the realest rapper I ever knew) and Styles P (you already know) they both on they way out here to join me Styles is landing in a hour or so Technique shortly after we doing a show tonite and we going to communitys.”

Cormega continued, lambasting Hip Hop culture’s infatuation with conflict and material wealth. “Sadly the rap game and our own media is more fascinated with stupidity and ignorance beef etc so I didnt reach out to any body to tell them because they only care when I say something controversial but Im off that theres bigger fish to eat (i dont got to be fried).I seen some shit out here that just makes me sad but it makes me proud of my roots these black people are resilient they are finding ways to make due something I dont know if I could do but this is what I needed to see Im almost ashamed to wear jewls etc dont get me wrong i have jewls been had jewl since 15 but whats the significence when you just making some one else rich and your people are suffering I may slip and wear a bracelet or my chain again especially my dog tag because it represents the soldier but I refuse to be a house nigga for the upper class i wont be showing it off as a status symbol the smiling and bragging the rich people arent laughing with us they are laughing at us.”
Cormega pointed out that many businesses continue to profit from rap, though the artists often get nothing in return. “Every nigga bragging about black card is doing a free commercial for a credit card company and if you aint getting paid for it you stupid.We rappers did free advertisement for cars,clothes, jewlery companies and champagne for nearly a decade bragging showing bottles etc did me to but not anymore Dom Perigon Moet etc never gave me or my people shit I used to hate Gap now I support them becuase they support us and converse does too any company associated with product REd looked out for people in Africa with Aids etc.”
Finally, Mega, who also shouted out Brad Pitt, Shaquille O’Neal, Wyclef Jean, Sean Penn, SOBs and The Source, spoke on his experience actually being in Haiti. “The news shows us alot of things but you learn alot being on the scene i did NOT know people were living in tents and make shift shacks but the news did say that a million people are homeless so I give them credit HOWEVER I did not know that the US which is in close proximity to Haiti took 3 days to send aid and Russia Israel and others were there before us Im embarrased our country needs to heal itself from within and stop with this image project and we wonder why other countries dislike us!?”
Cormega concluded the letter by revealing, “I will give you more details of my trip Im about to get up with Herbie Love Bug (i didnt know he was Haitian). Peace and Love.”