This week marked a major milestone for rapper Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti organization. According to, the non-profit organization is closing in on the $10 million mark.

So far, Yele Haiti has raised an impressive $9,139,324 in donations since Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake earlier this year.

Although Yele Haiti is continuing to raise donations for Haiti the organization has been marred in controversy with some reports claiming that Wyclef used money from the organization for his mistresses.

Wyclef’s uncle Raymond Alcide Joseph, who is also a Haitian ambassador, recently spoke out in defense of his nephew at an event in Tennessee.

“I’m not a financial accountant, I haven’t seen everything, but I think they had people go through the books and they did find some irregularities that were repaired, but as far as wholesale corruption–I say ‘no,’” Joseph explained. “It’s not because Wyclef Jean is my nephew and I’m defending him but I know his heart is good and he’s been doing good work in Haiti long, long before these people who have appeared on the scene.”