La Coka Nostra‘s Slaine, a veteran Boston emcee who is also a member of the Edo G-led group Special Teamz is not pleased with the charting rise of suburban Boston sensation Sam Adams. A college student, Adams has sold upwards of 15,000 copies of his Boston’s Boy EP.

This evening, Slaine, who’s acted in two Ben Affleck films, Gone Baby Gone and The Town submitted a letter through Suburban Noize, his label, calling out Adams.

“I think over the years you can see I’m not a hater, but this dude is actually a threat to the foundation of real Hip Hop street music,” wrote Slaine. “He’s never paid a due and has no respect or knowledge of the culture. If this is Hip Hop’s new direction, we are in trouble and he is about to get backed by the biggest powers in the game. He seems like a nice kid, but on principle, I gotta cut his head off.”

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Playing off Adams’ EP title, the onetime Duck Down, Suburban Noize Leedz artist added, “Sorry Sammy, but Boston’s boy is about to get banned from Boston. There is a reason that credibility is important in Hip Hop, and it was so something like this couldn’t happen. Right now we’re letting some rich white college kids with a scheme and a huge bankroll come in and jack the entire street culture and turn it into some bubble-gum, frat bullshit. Watching what this kid is saying in interviews, it is extremely clear that he has no respect for Hip Hop as a culture. He is even saying he invented his own form of music! Are you tripping? Sam Adams is bad for the culture and art form. He’s bad for your business, and bad for my business. Sam Adams is bad for Boston and bad for Hip Hop.”

In an interview published last week on HipHopDX
, Adams said the following, prior to Slaine’s statement: “I rap, yes, but I wouldn’t really say I’m just a rapper. I did have a strong Hip Hop background, but I consider myself to be way more Electro/Dance/Hip Hop. Especially with the music we’ve been making since the EP, our focus has shifted to huge Dub-step/House/Electronic beats. We want to have a much bigger sound then traditional Rap music. We’ve been working with big Euro deejays.”

Last year, Slaine joined Ill Bill and House of Pain in the La Coka Nostra official debut, A Brand You Can Trust.