Is it fate or sheer luck that places a virtually unknown rapper from suburban Boston on top of the iTunes charts ahead of some of the Rap’s more established national acts? Sam Adams provided some of those answers recently to HipHopDX, regarding his Boston’s Boy EP, selling over 15,000 digital copies.

“The success should not be a secret. It’s just about being yourself and being honest and genuine in your rhymes,” said the college sensation signed to 1st Round Records. “I’m not claiming any gritty hood genre of Hip Hop. I just wanted to create a new sound that was easy to move to with some lyricism on top of it. We [recorded] the EP in like 20 hours.” The emcee says that that estimated studio log was compiled over several months with Adams’ engineer, Matty. Those sessions were also divided between Los Angeles and his native Massachusetts. 

Not everyone has welcomed Sam Adams with open arms. There have been some rumors floating around that he cheated, or inflated his numbers in order to reach the number one status on the charts. Sam wanted to clear the air, “Soundscan, iTunes, Neilson, Billboard, they’re all backing me. There’s no way my sales could be any more official. If you do about 30 seconds of research you can see the official numbers. The speculation should have already been cleared for anyone who cares about music info online. For the other angry people and bitter hate-filled population, I’m sorry if your depressed and shit but I don’t know what to do.”

It is speculated that many major labels are approaching Sam Adams, after the six-figure success of Asher Roth last year, as well as Adams’ obvious foothold in a tough sales climate. Reluctant of a spotted deal, Adams says,“We are just taking meetings and trying to figure out where we could have some creative freedom and some fun. Every label has a lot to offer. For now we’re gonna stay indie for a minute, ’cause it got us this far real quick. Having said that, things like radio and brand management would be really cool coming from a major label.”

This is not just another white rapper so let all the comparisons cease and judge him for yourself. “I rap, yes, but I wouldn’t really say I’m just a rapper. I did have a strong Hip Hop background, but I consider myself to be way more Electro/Dance/Hip Hop. Especially with the music we’ve been making since the EP, our focus has shifted to huge Dub-step/House/Electronic beats. We want to have a much bigger sound then traditional Rap music. We’ve been working with big euro deejays,” he said, though presently unwilling to specify who. “I think the invention of this new sound will make me way way different than ‘cliché white rappers.'”

Certainly, regardless of race, few digital Rap debuts on an independent label have impressed the charts this much in some time.

UPDATE: The following tour dates have just been announced for Sam Adams:

April 16th              Providence, RI                   Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (Barstool)

April 18th              New Haven, CT                 Toad’s Place (Barstool)

April 19th              Syracuse, NY                      Syracuse

April 21st               Bloomington, IN               Indiana

April 22nd              Hamilton, NY                      Colgate

April 23rd              Bloomington, IN               Indiana

April 24th              Boston, MA                        Boston U

April 24th              North Andover, MA        Merrimack

April 28th              Lancaster, PA                     Private

April 29th              Kingston, RI                        University of Rhode Island (Barstool)

April 30th              Amherst, MA                     Mullins Center- U Mass (Barstool)

May 1st                 Medford, MA                    Private

May 2nd                East Rutherford, NJ         Bamboozle East

May 5th                 Boston, MA                        Paradise Rock Club (Barstool)

May 7th                 Durham, NH                       Libby’s Bar & Grill (Barstool)

May 14th               Hanover, NH                      Dartmouth

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