Future’s cultural impact cannot be denied. His music found its way into a place most wouldn’t expect when a woman performed one of his hits at a funeral.

The bizarre clip went viral earlier this week when a woman was filmed singing the lyrics to Future’s “March Madness” a capella in tribute to her late partner. The 2015 track appeared to have a much deeper meaning to the couple.

“Dirty soda in a Styrofoam / Spend a day to get my mind blown / Dress it up and go to NASA / Two hundred miles on the dash,” she recited through teary eyes while gracing the mic in front of her partner’s family and friends.

The woman’s unorthodox performance was met with a round of applause from the crowd who filled the venue to bid farewell to her man.

“fuck y’all the church was rocking with me,” the woman wrote on Instagram along with a series of crying face emojis while sharing the clip in question.

Just days earlier, she posted videos on Instagram from a recent Future concert. “I thought about Chalie and made myself go, i [couldn’t] miss it,” she wrote. “my Dawg wasn’t here to rock it out with me!! My crybaby ass cried so hard singing them songs!!”

With the clip going viral, it also elicited a ton of reactions from fans across the globe who couldn’t believe their eyes that Future’s discography somehow found its way to be worked into a funeral.

“March madness at a funeral is insane but touching nonetheless,” one person tweeted, while another added: “If she don’t sing March Madness word for word at my funeral it was never real!”

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Another fan agreed, writing: “If I had passed in 2015/16 y’all would have seen my homies singing march madness at my funeral too, she’s so real for that.”

“March Madness” arrived in the midst of Future’s epic 2015 run and appeared on his 56 Nights mixtape. The street anthem has since been certified double platinum, even though it failed to dent the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release.

That certainly wasn’t the case for Hendrix’s output in 2022 as he was the only artist to spend the entire year on the chart, largely thanks to his “Wait For U” hit with Drake and Tems.