French Montana has shown some love to 50 Cent, praising the rapper for using his various rap feuds over the years as a tool for marketing success.

Montana recently served as a guest on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, where it was brought up how he found his way into 50’s crosshairs thanks to his affiliation with Rick Ross in the late 2000s.

Hoffa reminded French of 50 spying on DJ Khaled’s mom and the Coke Boys honcho said it’s all water under the bridge now as there’s no more beef, but he gave the G-Unit boss props for turning his feuds to dollar signs.

“50 was picking on n-ggas to pick on n-ggas. At one point, he was the biggest genius in the music industry,” he claimed. “He would just pick on you and drop a mixtape. Pick on you and drop an album.

“He kinda created that marketing scheme for a lot of artists to use. I mean people did it before him, but he became the mastermind he became the warlord of that… That’s definitely a blueprint for a lot of n-ggas to learn.”

While other lesser talented artists have tried to catch lightning in a bottle and mimic 50’s theory, French made sure to clarify that 50 Cent had the hit records to match the attention attracted by the beef.

Montana explained that he buried the hatchet with 50 thanks to the greatness of his favorite show on TV in STARZ’s BMF. French told Drink Champs in December 2021 everything was cool between himself and 50.

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Fat Joe Reveals How 50 Cent Beef Cost Him $20M

“Man, let me tell you something,” he said. “I have no problem with 50 no more after he dropped this BMF joint. That’s my favorite shit. Whatever me and 50 ever had – shout out to 50. Yeah, me and him, everything is over after BMF. That’s the best work ever.”

50 replied by accepting French’s apology. “That was the right answer French, well handled,” he wrote. “What beef, I don’t remember.”

The origins of the beef between the two began over an allegedly rented Bugatti and then escalated when 50 Cent accused French Montana of faking streams to raise his status in Hip Hop and a continued war of words. However, cooler heads finally prevailed.