Flatbush Zombies rapper Zombie Juice has released “Dizzy,” an 808-heavy new single featuring The Underachievers — check it out below.

The song’s video, which was released on Friday (March 31), features footage from the Flatbush Zombies’ L.A. show last October at The NOVO, which is where Juice gave “Dizzy” its live debut alongside The Underachievers.

Zombie Juice spits an energy-fueled verse over the haunting beat, which was produced by The Underachievers’ Issa Gold.

“I asked how she’s doing, she told me she miss it/ I see what that dick did, it got her addicted/ I’m lit off that trippy, she trip how I’m living/ This God in his image, I speak it, I meant it/ My circle’s so small like a dot on his head/ He plot on the gang then it’s off with his head,” he raps over the track.

The single is a precursor to Juice’s debut solo album Love Without Conditions which will be released on April 21.

In a press release, the upcoming album is described as a “brutally candid, autobiographical album that explores unconditional love and dissects [Juice’s] own formative experiences including abuse, staying in shelters and tragic family deaths that he has reckoned with for years on a path to empathy and forgiveness.”

Zombie Juice’s new album shouldn’t come as a surprise, as his fellow group member Meechy Darko revealed last year that other group members were working on individual music. As a group, they currently have “40 new songs” in the bag, some of which will appear on their forthcoming James Blake-assisted album.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Darko spoke about his debut solo album Gothic Luxury, but clarified the Zombies are still very much hard at work on new music.

Flatbush Zombies Release 'now, more than ever' EP Stream

Flatbush Zombies Release 'now, more than ever' EP Stream

“Zombie Juice and Erick [The Architect] are busy man, so it’s on them, they’re the producers,” Darko said. “All I can do is rap when they send me a beat, but I’m not gonna pressure. Whenever they ready … there’s a lot of songs to be honest. I wanna say, damn, I don’t wanna say.”

He continued: “Let’s just say altogether between shit we did with RZA, the shit we did with James Blake, the shit we did with ourselves, 40 songs, maybe? If you see me, I don’t know. It’s 40, might be four next time. I don’t know.”

Previously in 2021, RZA said the Zombies are the “the vibe Hip Hop is missing” during a listening event to promote their collaborative single and video, “Plug Addicts.”

“We gathered Prince Paul from the Gravediggaz and we came together just started making music,” RZA told HipHopDX. “One of the songs we all felt extremely happy about the creation and the sonics of it was ‘Plug Addicts.’”