New York, NY

Fat Joe has called out fans of the Brooklyn Nets who have had a change of heart and are now rooting for the red-hot New York Knicks.

Over the weekend, Joey Crack took to Instagram Live after the Knicks beat reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets 116-110 at Madison Square Garden, and the Bronx native was elated about his team’s success. However, something has been happening among the Big Apple’s basketball fans that Fat Joe felt compelled to address.

Since the Knicks have put together an impressive season where they are currently the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference with a 42-30 record, new fans have been popping up all over the city. According to the Terror Squad MC, these fans didn’t just come out of nowhere.

“My Knicks? Phenomenal. Hottest team in the NBA. What’s up? [Jalen] Brunson back, we beat The Joker. You gotta stop,” Joe said. “Look, do me a favor, fake people. All of a sudden, I’m driving around New York, and I’m seeing Knick jackets, Knick hats, they coming up to me, ‘Yeah, brother, let’s go Knicks!’

“No, you is Brooklyn. You know how you on Instagram and get them fake little ads now, ‘Yo Brooklyn Nets fans?’ My, how the tables have turned!”

The Brooklyn Nets’ season didn’t turn out as planned, given how much of a roller coaster it has been since October 2022. What was shaping up to be a championship year turned sour as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were shipped away midseason and Ben Simmons struggled to find his groove.

The team is currently sixth in the East with a 39-32 record, right behind the Knicks. The battle for the Big Apple was once in favor of the Nets, but the Knickerbockers are making a strong case in taking back the reins.

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This isn’t the first time Fat Joe has expressed his excitement with this Knicks team. Earlier this month, the 52-year-old boss celebrated his team going on a nine-game winning streak after defeating their rivals, the Boston Celtics.

“Go New York, go New York go! I told y’all man nine in a row don’t play with us,” he asserted on Instagram Live. “This is real. Yo Cool & Dre, this is real. This is real, America, Boston, I love you but we are the New York Knicks. We are not playing. This is our year! Remember I told you, it’s Crack, baby!”