Drake and Jim Jones‘ recent link-up in the Sunshine State inspired Drizzy to get poetic as he’s taken a moment to reflect on his journey to success.

The OVO-Dipset connection went down in Miami on Tuesday night (March 28). Drake has expressed his admiration for the Harlem crew in the past – and even brought them out at his show at the iconic Apollo Theater earlier this year – and he seems to be really grateful that his idols have become his peers.

“One day I will tell the masses the story of how I manifested this whole thing while working on myself and a million other things,” he wrote on Instagram with photos from his night with the Capo. “I left nothing I cared about behind. Not a person. Not a concept. Not a cent. No lie. When I closed my eyes and pictured myself on my way I would see all of us going. And so we went… And went. And went.”

He continued: “Till the records were all broken and the rules were fully bent. The 100’s smell like maple syrup so my closet has a scent. And the Rolexes are to remind myself I’ve done this time and time again.”

Jim appeared in the comments of Drake’s post shortly after and added: “Men of respect mafia rules a toast to the last ones left.”

The respect is quite mutual between Drake and Jim Jones, as the latter crowned Drake the greatest rapper of all time earlier this month – after making him an honorary fifth member of Dipset in January.

“I would say he’s the greatest of all time,” Jim told Complex. “I would just give that to him. And I mean, there’s a lot of people from the beginning and people that invented Hip Hop, I know. But the greatest of all time, it’s a big statement, and the relevancy that he keeps showing year after year, hit after hit, record after record. Any song that he has put out has seemed to go multiple platinum. That’s never happened before in history.”

He continued: “I mean, there are a few other people that do astronomical numbers like that, but he really in it, you know what I mean? From all angles of music. It ain’t no place you go where they’re not going to play some Drake records to get the party started. He moves around here like the real Bruce Wayne. He’s my spirit animal, man. I just got to give credit where credit is due, and not taking away from nobody else.”

Jim Jones & NYC Mayor Eric Adams Make Plans To Help Harlem At Drake Concert

Jim Jones & NYC Mayor Eric Adams Make Plans To Help Harlem At Drake Concert

Funny enough, Jim Jones once passed on signing Drake prior to him becoming a star after dismissing him as “an actor in a wheelchair on the Disney Channel.”

“Drake definitely ran across my desk,” he revealed in a 2022 interview. “I got a call from Alan Grunblatt, I think I was on tour, and Alan was like, ‘I got this guy named Drake, he’s an actor, he’s on Degrassi.’ I’m like, ‘Who the fuck is Drake on Degrassi?’ He let me hear him rapping, like, this boy could rap his ass off.”

He continued: “Then I looked at him, I’m like, ‘Boy, what do you mean? What am I going to do with boy? He’s an actor, he’s in a wheelchair on the Disney Channel.’ I’m like, ‘Boy, I don’t know how to make this work out.’”

Lil Wayne eventually thought the future 6 God had something going for him, though, and the rest is history.