Danny Brown has shared his opinion on the current New York drill scene, saying he thinks all rappers from the genre sound like Batman — and not in a good way.

His comments were made in the latest episode of his podcast The Danny Brown Show, which also saw JPEG Mafia appear as a special guest.

Brown and JPEG sat and watched a submitted freestyle video from a man named The Artist Frank Irvan, who spit his bars with a gruff delivery. While the pair were both impressed with Irvan’s skills, Brown used it to pivot to a conversation surrounding New York drill music.

“I got some funny shit for rap, I wanna say, what’s up with New York drill music?” Brown asked around the 48-minute mark.

“What you mean?” JPEG asked.

“Why all these n-ggas sound like Batman?” Brown continued. “All these n-ggas rap like Batman Beyond what the fuck is wrong with y’all n-ggas man? That shit ain’t fire! … You know they all wanna be like a demon. N-gga you 16 your balls ain’t even dropped yet. You ain’t even got a deep voice yet. These n-ggas rapping like villains.”

He continued, “I just wanted to say that man. All you New York drill n-ggas rapping like Batman Begins man that shit is over with man. Pop Smoke, that was his natural voice man, but all y’all 16 … n-gga if you don’t shut the fuck up man. Shouts out to real New York rappers like MIKE, you know what I’m saying.”

Danny Brown isn’t the first rapper to take issue with the budding new genre coming out of NYC. Remy Ma recently aired her grievances with Bronx drill specifically, and called the genre “overrated,” while noting that many of these young new artists aren’t getting paid the way they should.

“I don’t have an exact person but I feel like a lot of the drill is overrated,” Remy said in an interview with the Jason Lee show. “Like, I don’t know what you’re saying, but that’s all anybody listens to. It’s not an artist’s thing, it’s a sound and I feel like that whole genre is super overrated.”

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Danny Brown Reveals He Rejected Nas' Attempt To Sign Him: 'Did I Make A Mistake?'

She continued: “People are literally out here killing their children. These artists, they’re 14, they’re 15, 16, they’re killing each other. And I feel like it’s because of the way people are acting, like it’s this whole big thing, but I don’t really think any of them is getting the money that they should off of their YouTube views or off of their music and it’s overrated. They’re dying over it.”

Last May, Pete Rock also took aim at Brooklyn’s drill movement, criticizing Mayor Eric Adams for playing a drill song during a press conference.

“Thats trash hop not hip hop i been told yall about this kinda shit. idc call me what you want but that kinda hip hop is doo doo and it disrupts the soul i told yall that already man lol smh,” Rock said on Instagram.

He continued: “Nobody speaks up on this trash lol. Drill rap not even for the birds or the streets its the result of greed, people with no talent, and the destruction of the culture. Yall never see the play when it’s happening and everyone complains but does not speak up and say a word. Now this!  this how we going out? It’s on social media but who is really promoting this? talk about that smh.”