Conway The Machine has many peers in the music industry, but JAY-Z is one of very few that he considers a genuine friend.

The former Griselda rapper elaborated on his relationship with Hov in a Twitter Spaces conversation with Elliott Wilson on Saturday (May 13).



“This is probably the one guy, only guy who I felt like genuinely cared about me and my well-being,” Conway said. “He ask about how I’m doing and family stuff, shit like that. It’s just regular shit. I kind of respect that and like that a little more.”

JAY-Z recruited Conway The Machine for a song on the The Harder They Fall soundtrack in 2021, “King Kong Riddim” – but he admits they haven’t done “a lot of music together.” He goes into more detail about why below.

Earlier this month, Conway’s former groupmate Benny The Butcher revealed Hov gave him a specific piece of advice regarding his Griselda crew, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and brotherhood.

“The thing about Hov, man, he is who he say he is,” Benny said. “He and Snoop, they remind me of each other. We had a bunch of conversations. He told me things that I didn’t want to hear, he told me things that I did want to hear — just all-around game.

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“He was basically just telling me… basically trying to keep Griselda together. Not saying that we was leaving, but he knew n-ggas’ contracts was up. And before that, me and him had a three-hour conversation. He was asking me my plans. He was like, ‘Ok, I’ma bust this move and see what we can do.’”



The Butcher continued: “He went back, we all kicked it. It just ain’t go that way … But just because I’m not signed to Griselda — I’m Big Griselda. And I explained that to him and he was like, ‘Man, people gonna interpret it different.’”

As for Conway The Machine, his Twitter Spaces convo follows the release of his new documentary WON’T HE DO IT, which sees him going deep on his mental health, trauma and treatment through therapy. Check it out here.