Chrisean Rock has fired back after Summer Walker did a not-so-flattering impression of her.

In a video posted to TikTok this week, the R&B singer acted out a scene over an audio clip of Chrisean venting about her ex, Blueface, getting mad at her for “eating at Lil Baby’s restaurant,” complete with one of her front teeth blacked out.



She could also be seen clumsily cradling a doll, which appeared to be a reference to the viral video of the reality star holding her newborn baby in an unsafe position while shopping at Walmart.

Summer issued a disclaimer at the time that read: “Please do not take my humor [too] serious. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor & Katt Williams.

“They say shit and don’t give af. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh n move on but yeah.”

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Chrisean Rock from feeling a certain type of way about Summer’s impression, which she said was “offensive” and “triggering.”

“I saw that video and I was like, ‘Oh yeah? She think she funny?'” Rock responded on Instagram Live. “She don’t even know that that Walmart video triggered me. It lowkey hurt my feelings. ‘Cause it was like, you got an influence, how about you do a positive thing instead of mocking somebody that really got clout?”



She continued: “I DM’d shorty, I texted her. It was some cool shit, I fuck with her […] She was like, ‘Oh, damn. My bad. You want me to take it down?’ I said, ‘For sure. You have a big influence, bro. That Walmart shit triggered me.’

“Why everybody forgetting that I’m human, bro? That lady that recorded me when I was at Walmart — bitch, why you ain’t help me?”

After catching wind of her comments, Summer Walker responded via thinly-veiled messages on her Instagram Stories — and her tone was less than apologetic.

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a tik tok or say the same joke everyone else said but I do it people people butt hurt,” she wrote.

“Sensitive about a tik tok that was viral way before I did it but you aint have no sympathy when you be dragging bitches across the ground and dumbing hoes in sinks just for looking at you funny,” she added, referencing Chrisean’s history of violence. “Let’s please tighten up it was never that serious.”

In response, Chrisean Rock added more fuel to the feud by mocking Summer Walker’s own family situation and cosmetic surgery.

“I ain’t making no mockery of you having three fucking kids, no man and a fucked up BBL,” she said on Instagram Live. “A lot of muthafuckas, y’all got no room to talk about or mock people or joke on people for the fun of it. Check your life before you start fucking playing with other people.”

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Chrisean Rock Hints That She’s Pregnant Again: ‘One On The Way’

The 23-year-old also shared her aforementioned DM conversation with Summer Walker, which began with supportive messages from the R&B singer following her recent “baby daddy issues” with Blueface.

The screenshot also showed Chrisean confronting Summer about her TikTok impression, telling her that she found it “offensive.”

“I thought the sound was funny I meant no harm but I can take it down if you like,” Summer responded.



The Atlanta native also denied making fun of Chrisean’s Walmart video and blamed the internet for “tak[ing] everything to the next level.”

Chrisean captioned the messages: “I literally handled the situation with grace but I just realized you a fan a goofy bih on God here go ya 10 sec of fame you bitter cuz I could have went left real quick I’m still trynna reconcile with ya goofy ash u weird.”